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If this is your first time registering, please check your inbox for more information about the benefits of your Forbes account and what you can do next! Cybercriminals and nation state-sponsored spies didn't take long to catch onto the coronavirus panic. Research released Thursday shows crooks and snoops have been rapidly registering vast numbers of potentially-malicious websites and sending out masses of scam emails as they try to make money from the pandemic.

scammer alert website

A report from cybersecurity company Recorded Future noted a significant rise in website registrations related to the COVID virus, some of which it believes are being used to either pilfer information from recipients or infect them with malware. Lindsay Kaye, director of operation outcomes at Recorded Future, specifically called out the following domains as potentially dangerous:.

Forbes also had Bernardo Quintero, founder of the Google-owned malware repository and anti-virus testing service VirusTotal, take a look at the domains reported by Recorded Future. To avoid any risk, avoid visiting any of those websites. If you see any emails coming from such domains e. Simply close the email and delete to avoid further risk. Researchers have already found one malware that was spread via the legitimate-looking email address CDC-Covid19 cdc[.

And, as previously reported, there is at least one malicious coronavirus map that secretly installs malware that can steal information from victim PCs. Cybersecurity company FireEye provided Forbes with a handful of example spam emails. Often such scams will ask you to click on a link or attachment so that you can get more information about protecting yourself from coronavirus.

A criminal phishing email seeking to take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic. Another malicious phishing email seeking to take advantage of the coronavirus panic. A "lure" document that FireEye believes a Chinese group of hackers used to try to infect targets in Espionage groups associated with China, North Korea and Russia have been seen sending out spear phishing emails trying to find routes onto business networks. Entire industries are being targeted. In February, cybersecurity company Proofpoint noted Coronavirus-themed email attacks tried to play on concerns about disruptions to global shipping.

In late February and early March, FireEye suspected a group of Chinese hackers had sent malware-laden documents to targets in Vietnam, the Philippines and Taiwan. The documents included legitimate statements by political leaders and advice from official sources, but hidden underneath was data-slurping spyware. As reported by Forbes Thursdaya Chinese hacking crew has been linked to coronavirus-led attacks on Mongolians. Full coverage and live updates on the Coronavirus.

I'm associate editor for Forbes, covering security, surveillance and privacy. I was named BT Security Journalist of the year in and for a range of exclusive articles, and in was handed Best News Story for a feature on US government harassment of security professionals. I like to hear from hackers who are breaking things for either fun or profit and researchers who've uncovered nasty things on the web.

Tip me on Signal at This page provides more on how to stay safe from scams generally so you know what to look out for. If someone contacts you out of the blue — whether over the phone, through the post, by email, on a website, in person or on social media — always consider the possibility that it may be a scam.

Scammers offer exciting advantages to get you interested. They promise things like easy money, great bargains, inside knowledge or a caring relationship.

Scams eventually lead to a request for money or personal information. Scammers ask you to do things like enter details on a website, answer questions in a survey, or pay upfront for what they have promised. Pay in iTunes or other store vouchers Gift cards or iTunes vouchers are a common currency for scammers.

Scammers can contact you pretending to be from a government department, law firm, telco or other trusted business, suggesting an urgent payment needs to be made using iTunes or other vouchers in exchange for solving an issue.

It can be to cover a tax, fine, legal fees, bills or any other costs. Scammers usually put some pressure on you, saying that you or somebody from your family might face criminal charges, lose immigration visa, or employment status. After the vouchers or cards have been purchased they will ask you for the voucher codes that they later on sell online at discount prices. Advance fee fraud is when someone asks you to pay a fee in order to get something valuable.

Promises made in this kind of scam can include inheritance payments, overseas trips, job offers or cars. The scammer will take your payment and never deliver what was promised.

scammer alert website

Sometimes advance fee fraudsters will say a number of payments are needed to release your prize, but the promised prize does not exist. A remote access or technical support scam is when someone offers to fix a problem with your computer by connecting to it. This might be via an unexpected phone call or fake online advertisement. They will often claim your computer has a virus or internet issue, and ask you to provide login details or direct you to a website. Then they search your computer for personal information, which could be used to steal money or commit identity fraud.

A scammer with access to your computer can also monitor your online activity to discover internet banking passwords or government service logins. Phishing is when you are sent an email or text by someone claiming to be from a bank, other financial institution or government agency. They urge you to click on links and enter personal and financial details into fake websites that look like the real thing. Your details can be used by scammers to spend or steal your money.

An upfront payment scam is similar to advance fee fraudwhere you are asked to pay for something in advance. This can include goods or services at bargain prices. Sometimes a scammer will say this deal is available for a very limited time to make you act fast.

Finance and investment frauds come in many forms. A scammer will approach you unexpectedly with an investment product or opportunity that promises great returns.

Often their website, references and materials look like the real thing. Investment scammers produce fake financial reports, forged share certificates and glossy initial public offerings to convince people to give significant amounts of money.

Safe investment tips external link - Financial Markets Authority. Buying cryptocurrencies or using crypto-exchanges can put you at higher risk of being the target of a scam or fraud. Scammers promote cryptocurrency sale and exchange as a way to catch you in phishing scams, upfront payment scams, and various forms of finance and investment fraud.

Cryptocurrency is also used in a new wave of Ponzi and pyramid schemes. What looks like a return on investment is actually money from joining fees charged to other people who think they are buying cryptocurrency. Beware of false reassurance from people you know — your friend, family member, neighbour or co-worker may be caught in a scam without realising it.

Ways to invest — Financial Markets Authority external link. An invoice scam asks you to pay an invoice, which a scammer might claim is overdue. This can be easy to spot if the invoice is unrelated to your life, but scammers can go to great lengths to find out which services you use.

Then they create an imitation invoice that looks like a real one, but with different payment details.Pig Busters Scammer Awareness Female Male Female.

United States. Follow PigletBusters on Twitch. About Us and Our Mission. Pig Busters was officially started on July 4th, A day we like to call Independence Day From Scammers. Our Mission is to increase scammer awareness and warn as many people as we can.

Since our beginning, we have accumulated 10's of 's of scammers and the list is growing every day. Pics are not the real scammers. View real pics.

Unless noted, pictures shown are not the actual scammers. They are innocent people that most likely don't know they are being used by scammers. Scamming is a BIG Business. Read more. Scammers net millions if not billions of dollars each year world wide. IC3 reports that inAmericans lost almost million dollars to scams. Scammers take advantage of honest, hard working people looking for people that are lonely or recently had a tragedy in their life and play with their emotions.

How could I be so stupid. After getting scammed, many people ask the question "how could I be so stupid". The answer is, you're not. Scammers learn how to play on people's emotions and especially their concern for others.

They will take as long as they think they need to gain your trust then the so-called problems they encounter will suddenly begin. Do not end up in jail. Every day, innocent people end up in jail and have criminal records for life because they did something illegal when they actually thought they were helping someone.

Cashing bogus checks or money orders then sending that money overseas is a crime whether you are aware you are committing a crime or not. Scammer awareness is the only defense we have against these criminals.Eric, 44 y. Carl Barris, 60 y. Donald Graham, 33 y. Oliver Connor, 51 y. John Felix Anthony Cena, 42 y. We have an extensive database that we use to collect any and all information regarding these persons, so we can publish it on the Internet and warn women about them.

Many times these scammers will send hundreds of messages out like bait, and many times they are capable of catching a woman in these criminal nets. With a database composed of thousands of photos, letters and false documents, we attempt to get as much information published about these scammers as we possibly can, so women can see for themselves whether they man they are corresponding with over the Internet is real or fake.

Chances are if a picture or document or letter that was sent to you is also on our website, he is a scammer and should be avoided. Read More. Our website offers you a unique and innovative mechanism through which you can not only identify but even fight off male scammers encountered online. If you are here because you are tired of male scammers and wish to enforce a permanent solution to get rid of them, keep reading on to learn how this website can help you. There are different scam scenarios: Military leave scam, Satellite phone service, Shipping goods that do not exist, Money orders, advanced fee fraud, Travel scenario, Illness scenario, Money problems, Gay scenario and some others.

The military leave scam occurs when the "soldier" you are in contact with mentions that he wants to visit you, and just needs to file for military leave. You will be required to do certain things The scammer will introduce himself using one of many possible social network sites, dating websites, or email.

Many times an age difference is very obvious. Scams increase with the amount of age between the victim and scammer. He wants to you send messages only to his private email. He makes a change to his primary email while you know him. Look for his profile.

COVID-19 Consumer Warnings and Safety Tips

If it says something different from where he says he is, than that is a sign to be cautious. October, 26, - Latest Male Scammers List Updates Last week October, 19, - October, 26, 21 new scammers10 fake documents added to the database and 4 scammers' profiles updated. Name: Dave Massing Gale Age: Learn about recent scams and how to recognize the warning signs.

Get Email Updates. Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information. Search form Search. Scam Alerts. Share this page Facebook Twitter Linked-In. Scams Learn about recent scams and how to recognize the warning signs. April 15, FTC sends more warnings to sellers of scam Coronavirus treatments.

April 14, Looking for work after Coronavirus layoffs? April 13, Coronavirus checks: flattening the scam curve. April 8, Avoid scams while finding help during quarantine.

April 7, Small businesses: Where to go for financial relief information. April 2, Want to get your Coronavirus relief check? Scammers do too. April 1, Read on.

scammer alert website

March 30, March 27, March 24, FTC: Coronavirus scams, Part 2. March 19, Jump to navigation. The FCC and FTC demand gateway service providers do their part to stop virus-related scam robocalls or face serious consequences. Learn more. Audio transcript If you want to receive a free testing kit delivered overnight to your home, press 1. If you do not want your free testing, press 2. Audio source: YouMail. Audio transcript: Hello this is Brad As you may have already heard, President Trump invoked his power as commander-in-chief by declaring a national emergency due to the widespread impact of COVID New measures will include waiving interest on your federal student loans until further notice.

During this time our offices have continued to maintain full staffing levels and will continue to do so until further notice. Thanks, and have a great day Audio source: Nomorobo. More Scam Audio Samples. Audio transcript: Hello this is a call from the Social Security Administration. During these difficult times of the coronavirus, we regret to inform you that we have got an order to suspend your socials immediately within 24 hours due to suspicious and fraudulent activities found on your socials.

We are contacting you as this case is critical and needs your urgent attention. To get more information about this case please call immediately on our department number XXXX. I repeat XXXX. Audio source: Nomorobo. Audio transcript: Dear customer: Due to coronavirus outbreak, we deliver a wide range of sanitizers, handwash, toilet papers, and face masks at your doorstep to safeguard you and your family from coronavirus. No need to visit stores.

Get delivery in 24 hours. To order press 1. For more knowledge and safety tips about coronavirus, press 2.

Scams and Frauds

Audio transcript: Protect your loved ones from the coronavirus. Press 9 to be removed from this list. Audio transcript: If you are diabetic and using insulin, we can qualify you to get a free diabetic monitor and a complimentary testing kit for coronavirus.

To learn more, please press 1, otherwise please press 2. Open enrollment has begun for the Amazon associate program. The program allows you to partner with Amazon and share in their success, as a referral partner.

Everyone over 18 qualifies. No sales or technical experience are needed. Work from home. You set your own schedule. Thank you. From my next door neighbor Just received this Just got off the phone with some of my military friends up in DC who just got out of a two hour briefing. The president will order a two week mandatory quarantine for the nation. Stock up o whatever you guys need to make sure you have a two week supply of everything.

Please forward to your network.Thanks for visiting Scammer Alert! My name is Frank Matthews. On this site I expose the truth about online money making scams, and give the straight dope on the legitimate ones. I have been following online money making scams since and exposing the truth behind them.

Over the past 10 years I have explored virtually every work from home scam online. I got tired of getting ripped off so I started this web site to warn others about the numerous work at home scams, money scams, and more. Feel free to read my free reviews, and sign up for my newsletter if you want to receive the latest Scammer Alert information.

Is this a scam?

I think everyone would agree that getting paid for only working a few hours a week would be the best thing to ever happen to them. I don't know anyone that wouldn't love to have money flowing into their bank account working from home. Who wouldn't like to have more time to spend with the kids, enjoy life, and avoid the daily grind.

It's a dream come true. Whether your interested in making money online, doing data entry, taking paid surveys, or something else we have all seen webpages from these so-called "gurus" that claim they're making money everyday. The vast majority of these guys aren't millionaires, and the only money these guys have ever made is from selling their "secrets" to people like you and me.

If you've ever fallen prey to these hard sales pitches selling you their latest "get rich quick" program, you've found the right place. Here at Scammer Alert I've bought thousands of these programs over the years and put them through the grinder.

Like most people I bought these programs to help make some extra cash. Everyone could use a little extra right? I was sold by their fast talking sales pitches over and over again.

Finally, after so many disappointments I just couldn't take it anymore. I decided to get to the bottom of this fascination we all have with work from home job programs.


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